Patient 5 Star Reviews

"During my very first visit she listened and didn't preach and then she said, "I can help you." That was a mighty powerful, truthful statement. She is so much more than a nutritionist. She needs a new title. She helps you gain control of things and appreciate things. Not just to savor food but to savor life. If you feel unhappy with your relationship with food. If it's impacting the quality of your life. Don't waste one more minute. RUN to the phone and let her help you love your life again!"

"I have been on every diet one can think of but it wasn't until I learned and understood about the kind and amount of food I should eat that I lost weight. I have managed to keep the weight it off for a year. I have lost 40 lbs and I am so happy. Thank you!"

"Valley Nutrition Counseling is very effective for weight loss and eating lifestyle changes. The counselor has a gentle, supportive way of guiding you into better eating habits with good results. I never feel like I am failing, even when results slow down, because the program supports healthy eating and optimism about life, health and food. It is an easy program to follow, and does not require special expensive foods. I eat less and spend less on food. The program practically pays for itself."

"I'm just a bit overweight, but I have been struggling with the weight and my addiction to sugar for a long time. I've tried many diets; they all worked but then after I put back the weight and a bit more. My experience with Fatemeh Giahi has been the best ever. Basically she told me to do one thing at a time. First, conquer the sugar addiction (substitute fruit for something like a chocolate bar or a piece of cake). I did that, and after a month or two, I felt completely in control. Once I'd conquered that, I started on the less starch part, and gradually I've worked in less fat and smaller portions. Her best advice was just to do it slowly and feel confident with each move that I'd accomplished it. I've lost weight, but mostly my self-confidence has improved so much."